We Are


Nextline Advertising is a modern, flexible company whose main activity is the design and implementation of integrated corporate and product communication activities. A strong team with talented people, who have parchments in strategy and creativity through a wide range of different cases in the private and public sectors. A team that works quickly, intelligently and creatively, with strategic thinking tools, experience and specialization. Pioneers to new ideas, open to modern communication tools, friendly and honest we continue to seek new professional challenges and work hard for success. …being a little romantic we want to prove that the right communication can bring what the word itself defines, a better contact way with society.
We Believe


We believe that part of our work is to understand people’s needs, dreams, desires. This means research, constantly searching, specialized knowledge.
We believe in great results when built bridges between people and brands. It’s part of our job to choose the way to set up bridges, that will be stable and enduring. This means methodology, innovation, strategy.
We believe in the idea, when its strong, has duration and aims to target. When the idea speaks to the soul of people by building the legend of each product. This means imagination, aesthetic sensitivity.
We believe that every collaboration honors and inspires us. Personal interest, respect to entrepreneurship and constant effort for quality is part of our business service.
Not only we believe, but we are confident, that its people that make the difference and we are here …to prove it.
We Certified


The Total Quality Management (Total Quality Management, TQM) is a key element of corporate communications and our culture. We follow a structured quality system that covers the stages of: methodology, design, planning, execution, control and recording of the result. Thus we ensure the success of each project, while creating reservoir of expertise and infrastructure.
Our company applies the special quality standard for the communication industry enterprises «ELOT 1435» in areas: 1. Advertising company 2. Company Media Planning Space and Time 3. Company Public Relations 4. Company Sales Promotion and Direct of marketing 5. Company Creation Discrete Signal
We Work With


Through experience, collaboration and continuous research, we have developed an important network of partners, whose skills and infrastructure we trust. Always in search of something new, checking prices and monitor developments.
We choose the best, with their knowledge and talent we bring surplus value to each action and production.
We invest in modern equipment and infrastructure, improving the quality and effectiveness of our work. We want our customers to win always through successful strategies and modern communication tools.
Our goal is to be completely organized and fast to cope…«yesterday»